High heat and California power grid strain

High temperatures are expected to continue this week in Northern California. The National Weather Service has an Extended Heat Warning in place for the Bay Area through at least Wednesday.

Stanford expects to have sufficient chilled water capacity for campus cooling needs during the coming week. No chilled water curtailment is expected at this time.

Over the weekend there have been rolling electricity blackouts during the evening in some areas of California, ordered by the California Independent System Operator (California ISO). While these blackouts did not affect Stanford, additional rolling blackouts in California are possible in the coming days, due to the strain placed on the power grid by the extreme heat in the Western U.S.

Please help conserve energy, especially during this period, and stay hydrated. Also take any precautions, including for research projects, in the event that a power outage occurs with little or no warning. PG&E is providing updates at https://pge.com and https://twitter.com/PGE4Me.