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AlertSU messages of timely interest to the Stanford community.

Power being restored to remaining main campus buildings

PG&E continues to work on the Jefferson line that supplies power to the main Stanford campus. They have also been able to supply the campus with additional energy to the line currently supplying our backup power, allowing the process of full power restoration to begin. Those on the main campus should see power returning to buildings incrementally throughout the day. As this occurs, crews are also performing building assessments to ensure that building systems return to operation as they should.

Summer Session classes will resume on Monday; students should look for information from their instructors for any updates on their course. Normal campus operations and programs will be resuming as staffing allows. Main-campus employees on Monday should resume the work routines they had in place before the power disruption. Labs may reopen once normal power is restored; please consult with your local building managers.

When returning to housing and work stations, please remember to ensure cooking and heating appliances are safely turned off, and check for any equipment that may not be functioning properly. Food in refrigerators and freezers may be spoiled – discard any perishable food. Those in research spaces should similarly check for any heating or heat-producing equipment that may have been left in the on position and survey workspaces.

We want to thank the members of our campus community for your patience over the past days, and extend special appreciation to the incredible groups of university staff who have worked tirelessly to restore power, support students living on campus and uphold research. Many members of the university staff have dedicated the past few days to working long hours with very little rest to provide support for the campus community, and their efforts are deeply appreciated.

PG&E working to repair line supplying main campus

ALERTSU: PG&E is working on repairs to its damaged equipment. We are cautiously optimistic, but cannot be certain, that full power will be restored to the main campus by this weekend. This timing could change. We hope to have more accurate information from PG&E by midday Friday.

Once PG&E does restore the power supply to the main campus, it can also take several hours to safely re-energize campus facilities. We do not expect resumption of full campus activities until Monday at earliest.

Until full power restoration, university staff will continue to maximize the use of available power to support high-priority buildings and services for students on campus.

Please continue to check for updates as they become available. We thank those on campus for their continuing energy conservation and patience.

Main campus power disruption continues, classes canceled, remote work encouraged

ALERTSU: Although PG&E has not provided an update to power restoration, we are preparing for the possibility that it may take days. PG&E continues to provide a limited supply of power through a secondary line, but not enough to support the normal needs of the campus, especially during hot weather. This limited supply is dedicated to supporting the highest-priority needs, including the hospital and critical infrastructure on campus. Allocation of resources for research continuity remains a priority; however, researchers should continue to refrain from performing any non-critical activities on the main campus.

Given the increasing possibility of a multiple-day disruption and the time required to re-start classrooms and equipment even once power is restored, summer session classes are canceled for Thursday and Friday, June 23-24. Conference activities are being held in alternative spaces. Bing Nursery School, Madera Grove, CCSC and Stock Farm Road childcare facilities will also be closed for the rest of the week.

The health, safety and academic pursuits of our students remains a top priority. The university is working on plans for academic continuity and continued residential care for students living on campus. More information will be forthcoming. Respite spaces with cooling and charging continue to be available to students at Arrillaga Family Dining Commons and EVGR Pavilion.

Employees who work on the main Stanford campus are encouraged to work from home for the remainder of the week, if feasible. Employees with responsibilities that require them to be on campus should report as usual. Operations at Stanford Redwood City, SLAC and the Stanford Research Park are not affected and are continuing as usual.

For those living or working on campus, we remind you to please continue to conserve power wherever possible and take steps to ensure you care for yourself – drink plenty of water, use the available areas of respite when necessary and check back regularly for updates. Thank you for your continuing patience while we work through this disruption.