Current Status

There is currently no emergency at Stanford.

Emergency Hotlines

844-ALERTSU (844-253-7878)

For Emergency Assistance

Dial 911
(9-911 from campus phones)

Siren Malfunction Update

Stanford DPS has been working with the vendors to identify the cause of Tuesday morning’s unintentional activation of the university’s outdoor warning system. Although not the conclusive cause of the activation, it appears there was a system malfunction after a software update that took place at 3am, which resulted in a system reboot. DPS is working with the vendor to ensure the situation will not repeat before we reactivate the siren system. Moving forward, we intend to set controls so that software updates will take place during typical waking hours. Additionally, the vendor will be examining the tower located on Stanford Ave to determine if there is anything about this specific tower that caused it to continue to activate even after the alarms had been cleared in the system.


Accidental outdoor siren activation on October 18

Dear Stanford Community Member,

This morning, Stanford’s outdoor emergency warning system malfunctioned, resulting in an activation of the entire siren system around 3:10am. We were able to deactivate the system; however, the tower on Stanford Ave continued to malfunction. We immediately began working with technicians to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, it has taken several hours to diagnose and resolve the malfunction.

I want to extend my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We are investigating what caused the malfunction and will take steps to avoid future disruptions.

Updates will be posted on this website when available.

If you have questions, you may contact the Stanford Department of Public Safety at or 650-723-9633.


Laura Wilson
Chief of Police, Stanford