Some power restored; Services available on Stanford Campus

Power has been restored to Stanford Redwood City campus and portions of the Stanford campus. SLAC is still without power. Power supply to many areas of the Bay Area, including the Stanford campus, remains unstable. There is a possibility for further power outages and the university remains in contact with PG&E to receive updates as they are available.

For students without power:

– AFDC, Florence Moore, Wilbur, and Stern dining halls are available for meal service (dining hall hours). These buildings have heat and restrooms. Students may use the electrical outlets in these spaces to charge their devices.

– Flashlights (1 per student) have been delivered to AFDC, Wilbur, Florence Moore, and Stern. If you are without power and do not already own a flashlight, you may retrieve one there.

– Additional student-specific information can be found in the email sent today by Residential & Dining Enterprises.

Information about exams and work on campus for Wednesday, March 22, will be posted as soon as it is available, later this evening.