Power outage at Stanford, SRWC, and SLAC

A power outage is affecting many parts of the Stanford campus. One of the main PG&E transmission lines feeding the campus is reportedly impacted, causing the outage. There is currently no estimated time of restoration.

Because this outage presents a very unusual circumstance for both our students and faculty, all in-person exams have been canceled for the remainder of the day.

Staff and faculty should check with their manager to determine if they should remain on campus. Those that are leaving campus should check road conditions before departing. For everyone’s safety, avoid re-entering buildings, classrooms, or parking garages that are without power or emergency lighting.

Those working in laboratory spaces should pause work where possible, complete procedures to safely secure their experiment and lab equipment, leave the building, and notify their group’s emergency contact of their whereabouts. More guidance for those in research/lab facilities can be found at https://ehs.stanford.edu/topic/lab-safety/power-outage-prep.

A PG&E power outage is also affecting portions of the Stanford Redwood City campus, including Cardinal Hall, the Central Energy Hub, and 585 Broadway. Heating and cooling is impacted to all buildings.

Power is also affected at SLAC and guidance has been sent separately to employees working there.

Updates will be posted as they become available at https://emergency.stanford.edu.