Update on Power Outage

AlertSU: Limited backup power is in use. Level 4c chilled water curtailment is in effect, and efforts to restore cooling equipment for critical infrastructure are underway. There is no ETA for restoration of power to the greater campus area. Smoke from nearby fires may be visible from campus, but there is no threat to campus at this time. See https://lbre.stanford.edu/sites/lbre-production/files/stanford_chilled_water_curtailment_guide_june21_update.docx.pdf for information about chilled water curtailment.

If the outage persists, card access doors may power down and lock automatically. Staff is currently working to re-key the main entrance to each student residence building so room or apartment keys will provide access.

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons and EVGR Pavilion are open and available for those seeking an area of respite.

Student food service is limited to Wilbur Dining, Florence Moore (Flo Mo) and Arrillaga Family Dining Commons. Service will end at 8:00PM.

Next update is anticipated at approximately 6:00PM.