Building cooling update – Stage 3

The Chilled Water Curtailment affecting the Stanford campus this afternoon has been raised to Stage 3. This means that temperatures in teaching, research or commercial spaces may exceed campus guidelines of 80-85 degrees for a more extended period of time, perhaps 24 hours or more.

Building managers responsible for equipment that may be sensitive to heat should take steps to prepare for heightened interior temperatures.

Campus facilities managers are working actively to address the situation, which appears to be predominantly caused by the extraordinary heat wave along with high humidity levels and high overnight temperatures that have added to the load on the campus cooling system.

The duration of the curtailment is still unknown. There will be an update on Wednesday morning, and earlier if needed, at The university appreciates the community’s continuing patience with the higher-than-normal interior temperatures.

Managers should continue to encourage precautionary measures and have discussions with employees about alternate work arrangements if needed due to the temperature in their location.