Stanford Redwood City Campus to Reopen Tuesday, February 6

The Stanford Redwood City (SRWC) campus will REOPEN tomorrow, Tuesday 2/6 at 7:00 AM.

The SRWC Campus remains closed today (Mon 2/5) for safety reasons while the SRWC Operations Team is working to restore the building management systems including heating/ventilation and resuming custodial services in preparation for full occupancy tomorrow.

All buildings are scheduled to reopen tomorrow, Tuesday 2/6 including Academy Hall, Barron Parking Garage, Cardinal Hall, Central Energy Hub, Discovery Hall, Electronic Communications Hub (including SFCU), Pine Cone Children’s Center, Recreation & Wellness Center, University Hall, and 575/585 Broadway.

PG&E continues to restore power across Central and Northern California, including locally along the Peninsula. When traffic signals are out, treat them as a stop sign; come to a complete stop before proceeding safely. Drive cautiously and watch out for bicyclists and pedestrians.