Prioritizing available power, supporting students on campus

During the power recovery process, health and safety, critical infrastructure, research continuity and student residences will continue to take priority.

University staff has been working diligently to maximize the use of the limited power supply that is being provided by PG&E. As powering hospital and critical infrastructure has stabilized, we have been able to use the remaining available power to bring additional high-priority buildings back on-line. Power to more student residences has been restored, although this still falls well short of a full campus restoration. Although PG&E continues working to repair the lines feeding the main campus, it is unlikely that we will see a full power restoration imminently.

Due to the nature of the campus electrical circuits, you may see some lower priority buildings on-line because they function on a circuit that also serves a higher-priority building. It is important to remember that we still do not have enough available power to re-energize the entire campus. Those in powered buildings are asked to conserve energy wherever possible.

Some facilities near the main campus have been unaffected because they are on different power circuits than the main campus.

Residential and Dining Enterprises and Student Affairs are working to expand university support for students on campus while awaiting full power restoration to student residences.

Respite spaces are currently open. Please consider avoiding meal hours unless you are eating.

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons (AFDC)

  • OPEN: 24 hours per day

Tresidder Memorial, 2nd Floor Lobby

  • OPEN: 7:30am – 4:30pm

EVGR Pavilion

  • OPEN: 8:00am – 1:00am

Graduate Community Center

  • OPEN: 24 hours per day

Munger, Jacobson-Sorensen Hall, Lobby

  • OPEN: 8:00am – 1:00am

For those experiencing cellular coverage issues but are in buildings with power, calling over wi-fi is an option to make and receive calls:

Flashlights are available. If you have not yet picked one up, flashlights are available at the Undergraduate (Flo Mo & Wilbur) and extended-hour Graduate Housing Service Centers (EVGR-B, Kennedy, Munger).

For general questions that can wait, UNDERGRADS can submit a Service Now Ticket.

For GRADUATE students, their spouse/partner, and families living in graduate housing, please email

For CAMPS and CONFERENCES, please call 650-723-3126 or email

For high school students and undergrad visitors, please email:

R&DE Housing Service Centers

If you are locked out or have other housing-related questions, the following R&DE Housing Service Centers are open and staffed:


  • Flo Mo and Wilbur (8:00am-6:00pm)


  • All Grad Housing Service Centers open (9:00am-4:30pm)
  • EVGR-B, Kennedy & Munger have extended hours (9:00am-6:00pm)

After hours: Community Access Response Enterprise (CARE) will still be able to provide lock-out service. Call 650-725-1602 (please be patient if they are busy).

Medication/Critical Refrigeration Needs

If you have items like medication and breastmilk (AFDC only) that must be refrigerated, there is limited availability at:

  • Vaden (medication only) [9am-5pm, M-F]
  • Arrillaga Family Dining Center (AFDC) [24/7] *Only location accepting breastmilk
  • Wilbur Dining Hall
  • Florence Moore Dining

Please make sure it is properly labeled and bring your SUID/courtesy card/Government-issued identification.

  • Medication or Breastmilk placed in a bag labeled with your name (and the name of anyone authorized to pick it up)
  • Stanford ID or government identification required for drop-off and pick-up verification
  • Drop off & pick up available during open service hours only
  • Please ask for the Manager on Duty to arrange this service


All Students & Conferees – for life safety emergencies call 911


Matriculated Stanford students can also call the RD on call: 650-504-8022. Please note you can leave a voicemail if there is not an immediate answer. Please leave details about the best way to reach you.

Summer Session visiting students can also call 650-723-3109.

Graduate Housing

Anyone living in graduate housing can contact the Graduate Life Office Dean on Call.

You may call or text our 24/7 pager: Please leave your name, contact info and the reason for your call.

Camps and Conferences

Please call 650-723-3126 (24/7)