Sunday evening wildfire smoke update

Air quality in the area around the main Stanford campus has worsened over the last few hours as a result of the wildfires burning in Northern California.

The best advice for this evening is to stay indoors, with windows closed, and minimize exposure to the smoky air. Drink plenty of water to help minimize potential irritation from the smoke. If you will be traveling by car, use air-recirculation mode.

For students looking for an air-conditioned space on campus this evening, these are among the options available:

  • Tresidder Union (open hours extended to midnight tonight)
  • Arrillaga Family Dining Commons
  • Graduate Community Center, Havana Room
  • Munger Graduate Residence, lobby area of Jacobson-Sorensen Hall

Wind and weather conditions are changeable, and the university will be monitoring the situation. Additional information will be available Monday if the current conditions persist or worsen. Ongoing information about wildfire smoke is available here and here on the Environmental Health & Safety website.

In addition to the many people displaced by the wildfires this weekend, we know that many people are coping with power outages due to the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Stanford will be open and operating on Monday, but if you are an employee affected by a power outage, please take the steps necessary for your personal safety, and be in touch with your manager to discuss any alternate work arrangements that may be needed.