Stage 4 cooling curtailment continues

The main Stanford campus is continuing at a Stage 4 curtailment of the chilled water system.

We expect the Stage 4 curtailment to continue into the evening, and we expect some level of curtailment to continue into the weekend, based on current heat and humidity forecasts.

The situation is being monitored constantly, and updates will be available via the AlertSU system and at Work also is continuing on new temporary cooling towers to add capacity to the chilled water system in the near future.

If you are on the main campus and are in a building that is on the chilled water system, you can continue helping reduce loads by turning off unnecessary lights and equipment and screening windows from direct sunlight. Wherever your location, please stay hydrated and look out for the health needs of those around you.

Researchers can continue to be in touch with building managers where necessary to consult on protecting equipment and continuity of research projects.

We encourage managers to continue monitoring the needs of employees and have discussions with employees about alternate work arrangements if needed due to the temperature in their location. If your manager is not available, please contact Human Resources for assistance.

More information on the chilled water curtailment process, and steps to take in response, are in the Chilled Water Curtailment Guide.