Extreme Heat: Curtailment level maintained on main campus

A Stage 4 Chilled Water Curtailment is being maintained on the main campus through at least tomorrow, Friday, morning.

At Stage 4 curtailment, in addition to previous impacts already noted, temperatures in the research, data processing or communications spaces are allowed to exceed specifications and the water used to cool equipment in those spaces will be affected.

The university is asking for your help in this curtailment. Please shut off all non-essential equipment to reduce load and preserve chilled water for essential needs. Researchers should coordinate with building managers if there are specific, localized mitigations they can undertake while the curtailment is in effect. For further instructions, please see Land, Building & Real Estate’s chilled water curtailment guide.

As many campus buildings will be noticeably warmer throughout the morning tomorrow, managers should continue to encourage precautionary measures and have discussions with employees about alternate work arrangements if needed, such as working from a cooler location nearby, telecommuting, flexible work schedules, or, if necessary, other options as appropriate during times of excessive heat.